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Things to Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or even keep an erection firm for sexual intercourse. In fact, having erection issues is not a cause for concern. However, if the situation is ongoing, it can cause stress, reduce your self-confidence, and even cause relationship problems. You should note that issues of keeping or getting an erection are signs of having underlying health conditions.

It is advisable to talk to a doctor even if it feels embarrassing. In most cases, treating underlying conditions is sufficient to reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction.


It is vital to understand that male sexual arousal involves a lot of things such as the brain, emotions, nerves, hormones, blood vessels, and muscles. Therefore, ED can be caused by problems with any of the above. In addition, mental health concerns and stress can worsen or cause ED.

Experts argue that a combination of psychological and physical issues can cause erectile dysfunction. Minor conditions can slow sexual response that can cause anxiety as far as maintaining an erection is concerned.


You can prevent erectile dysfunction by making healthy lifestyles and even managing the existing health issues. For instance, you should work with your doctor to manage heart disease, diabetes, or chronic health conditions. Ensure you check your doctor for routine medical screening tests and checkups. Also, you should quit smoking and limit the amount of alcohol. Exercise regularly and take the right steps to minimize stress. If you have mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, you should seek help.

Risk Factors

As you get older, erections might not be firm, and they may take longer to develop. Therefore, you might require a direct touch to the penis to keep an erection. Some of the factors that cause erectile dysfunction include medical conditions such as heart and diabetes, being overweight, tobacco use, injuries, and medications.

When to See a Doctor

The family doctor is the perfect place to start if you have erectile dysfunction. You should see a doctor if you have issues about erections or you experience sexual problems such as delayed ejaculation or premature ejaculation. Also, if you have heart disease or diabetes, it may be linked to your ED problem.…