Guide to Establishing the Right CBD Dosage

CBD for health The use of CBD for healing and therapeutic purposes has been accepted only recently. The scientist and medical professionals have not yet come up with accurate doses for the variety of purposes for which it can be used. Doctors can only recommend but not prescribe the use of CBD, with most of them not having covered CBD usage in medical schools. However, many states are legalizing the use of medical marijuana, which is mounting pressure on medical experts to come up with recommended dose schedules. To help you come up with the right CBD dosage, take the steps highlighted below.

Determine Your Physical Attributes

When it comes to CBD usage, the effects of the same dose on one person may not necessarily be the same on another person. That is because numerous variables make everybody unique concerning the dosages that they should take. Some of the variables include body weight, genetics, metabolism, and environment, among many others. Taking all those facts into account to determine the right dose from the first time you try out CBD may be impossible. You should thus start with the minimum suggested dose and then work on adjusting it with time.

Consider the Type of Product and Bioavailability

CBD has to enter the bloodstream for its effects to be felt. Usually, only a portion of what you take makes it to the blood. The amount depends on the type of CBD product you use. You may have to do a lot of research to figure out the amount that will get to your bloodstream based on the type of product you use, and then calculate the right dosage based on your findings. Bioavailability also matters quite a lot. It refers to the percentage of the CBD content in the product. The higher the bioavailability the product has, the less the dosage that you will need.

The Biphasic Effect

Choosing the right dosage can be even more confusing because the compounds found in cannabis have biphase properties. Biphase generally means that the effects of the compound at high and low doses may be opposites. CBD has the potential of providing numerous benefits, even when ingested in small doses. That gives you more reasons to start with a low CBD dosage. Ultimately, the effects that you experience may be what helps you to set the right dosage for your particular needs.