What is Andropause?

Hormone production starts to decline in the body around 30 years old decreasing at a rate of 1% to 3% each year. By the age of 40, the decline in hormones becomes more noticeable as several symptoms develop: fatigue, low libido, weight gain, loss of work productivity, slower cognitive function, mood swings, anxiety, muscle loss, aches and pains, and depression are all signs of hormone deficiencies. These symptoms mean Andropause (male menopause) has set in.

Andropause occurs when testosterone and other crucial hormone levels have significantly fallen leaving men to feel apathetic about life and more vulnerable to insulin imbalances, cognitive decline, cardiovascular risks, and many other degenerative ailments. If hormone levels remain too low, these ailments will only worsen over time. Restoring hormone levels can dissuade the development of andropause and its aging symptoms. You can get your life back with hormone therapy as you experience renewed health, energy and vitality.