Who Should Consult a Kinesiologist?

For the most part, we may have thought that kinesiologists are only limited to sports programs. It’s not uncommon to see them with professional athletes. We also encounter them during our physical education in school. And when you are injured, you might be able to get the services of a kinesiologist.

But a kinesiologist is beyond that. Kinesiology is a broad spectrum that involves the study of body movements by which it gives information on the state of our other body parts, such as organs and systems. A non-invasive holistic energy treatment option, kinesiologie is a combination of muscle testing techniques and traditional Chinese medicine. It uses the body of the client as a diagnostic tool to establish health problems. An imbalance of the energy system of a person can be felt through muscle testing.

The more common kinesiology applications that we usually see include orthopedics and biomechanics, strength and conditioning, physical and occupational therapy, and sports psychology. So who really should consult a kinesiologist? Look below and see if you are included.

Children and Adolescents

We may see everything as usual in our children. We may think that their being hyper is natural for children. We may not be bothered by their low grades in school, as we believe they are not yet mature to study their lessons.

But it may not be the case. Children can learn to focus and concentrate. They can control their emotions too. With a kinesiologist, we may be able to understand and improve children’s behaviors. Their learning capabilities can also be enhanced.

Young Adults

College students may be undergoing changes in their lives that they are incapable of catching up. This can lead them to experience stress. The various requirements in school that they may not be able to fulfill can result in failing grades. This can lead to low self-esteem.

A kinesiologist can help bring back the self-confidence and inner strength of students. By helping them to relax, focus, and concentrate, their mental performance can be enhanced. They will also feel more confident by discovering their hidden talents.


With all their responsibilities in life, parents should consult a kinesiologist. By doing so, they will understand their young children, college teens, and other members of the family but including himself or herself. This will result in harmonious family life.


Our old folks need a kinesiologist to maintain their present physical, mental, and emotional health. Old age can cause a loss of motivation, depression, and restricted mobility. There can also be physical pain due to other health conditions.

A kinesiologist can formulate an effective regimen to help seniors continue to live an independent and productive life.…