Why See a Functional Doctor

Have you not tried to consult with a functional doctor yet for your lingering ailment? Maybe it’s about time. You will see the difference once you have you walk in the clinic for your initial consultation with a functional doctor.

Functional medicine is a holistic medical approach to healthcare that delves into finding out the root causes of chronic diseases and laying out prevention and management formulas. This makes it different from conventional medicine, which generally diagnoses conditions through presented symptoms.

To help you decide why you should seek the services of a functional doctor like Kim Crawford MD, here’s what you should know about functional medicine.


When we are down with any kind of illness, it is natural to seek attention and care. This may not be possible when in a hospital setting, whether you are an in-patient or an out-patient. You may not be able to see your doctor at your convenient time.

With a functional doctor, you may be seeing her more than you expect. This is because she treats your case differently from other cases she handled before. Every person is unique, and so with his biochemical composition. She looks beyond all those symptoms but delves on what caused them. She may need to know your history, lifestyle, and everything that may have caused your ailment. This way, you will be getting a personalized care plan that is fit for your condition.


Functional doctors do not center their attention on the disease itself but give importance to all aspects of your being. When we are sick, we do not only feel the physical symptoms, but the illness can manifest in our mental, emotional, and even social functions. With functional medicine, all these aspects are included in your treatment plan; thereby, you will have total recovery.

But you don’t need a functional doctor only when you are sick. Seeing a functional doctor without any illness is better as prevention is always touted as better than cure. By looking at your biochemical composition, lifestyle, and history, a plan will be made specially to prevent the diseases you are predisposed to have.


Getting sick can really drain us of our savings. It can be very expensive. But when you can prevent these diseases by seeing a functional doctor, you can be spared from spending your hard-earned money. But like most of us, who only think of our health when faced with some issues, functional doctors are still the more cost-effective option than conventional medical practitioners. You must have experienced buying all those very pricey medicines before.…