Why Choose CO2 Extracted CBD Oil

With the numerous choices of CBD products out there, it has become challenging to choose which is right for us. The production, distribution, and sale of these products do not undergo any government intervention except the licensing process. This makes it possible for low-quality products to proliferate in the market.

Nowadays, manual extraction is not used by manufacturers for obvious reasons. It is slow and may not support mass production. The most commonly used methods for commercial purposes are ethanol extraction, oil extraction, steam distillation, and CO2 extraction.

When choosing a CBD product CO2, extracted brands must be the best choice. However, CO2 extracted CBD oil may be more expensive. They may also be harder to find as only big manufacturers are producing them because of their high production cost. However, the following advantages of CO2 extracted CBD oil make it the best choice for someone looking for quality products worth his money.

THC Is Completely Removed

For those looking for therapeutic effects of cannabis products without the psychoactive effects, CO2 extracted CBD oil is the best for you. It completely removes the THC component, which gives the ‘high’ effect when taking unfiltered cannabis products. CO2 extracted oil is purely for therapeutic and not for recreational purposes.

Important Substances Are Retained

If you are concerned with other therapeutic effects from different components of cannabis, CO2 extracted, broad-spectrum products should be your choice. They are products with terpenes, cannabinoids, cannabigerols, and other substances that have health benefits on their own. CO2 extracted isolates are products that have to remove all other elements except the CBD component.

CO2 Is a Safe Medium

The human body is no stranger to carbon dioxide. We take it in through inhalation and expel it through exhalation. This means that our body does not have any allergic reaction, making it safer than other methods like the ethanol extraction method. It does not also leave any residue, which you may find when extracting CBD oil using ethanol or butane.

Contaminants Are Removed

You can be sure that there are no contaminants or chemicals when a CBD oil is CO2 extracted. Some cannabis that is not organically grown may be used in producing CBD oil. It is not good for our health because of the chemical from pesticides and fertilizers. Through CO2 extraction, the contaminants are dissolved and removed from the oil extract.…